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January 18, 2021

You’re here because you’re considering opting in for cloth diapers but haven’t been sold on the idea yet.

Well luckily, we’re here to help! We’ve kept the reasons to consider cloth diapers simple so that you have more time to shop for cute designs…

Read on to find out the best benefits of purchasing cloth diapers over disposable diapers.

1.  You’ll save money

It’s estimated that on average, a child who wears disposable diapers until the age of 3 will cost their parents around $3200 when using standard nappies. This increases to around $4000 when opting for eco-friendly, biodegradable disposable nappies.

Compare this with a one-off payment of $450-$950 for cloth diapers that will last all the way up until potty training, and we have a clear winner.

As long as you’re taking good care of your diapers, you’ll also be able to use them with multiple children. That’s $1000’s saved in your otherwise expensive journey into parenthood, and 1000’s of nappies saved from going into landfill.

2.  They’re better for the planet

Statistics state that 20 billion diapers are sent to landfill each year in the US alone. That’s a lot of waste.

Here are a few more diaper facts to show you the disastrous effects that they are having on our planet:

  • To meet diaper demands in the US, 200,000 trees are cut down every year.
  • Disposable diapers can take up to 500 years to fully decompose.
  • 90% of babies use disposable diapers as opposed to cloth diapers.
  • The production of disposable diapers wastes around 3 times more water than the production of cloth.

3.  They’re better for your baby’s skin

There are several reasons as to why cloth diapers are better for your baby’s skin.

Firstly, they don’t contain the nasties that disposable diapers do. Chemicals found in disposable diapers have been linked to cancer (dioxin), hormonal problems (TBT), and toxic shock syndrome (SAP).

Secondly, cloth diapers generally fit a little looser and therefore provide better airflow. Disposable diapers might look like a better fit, but they’re also sticking to your baby’s skin and causing them to be in direct contact with a wet surface for a long period of time.

Thirdly, you’ll change your baby’s diaper more regularly. Reusable diapers don’t ‘wick away’ moisture in the same way that disposable diapers do - your baby will let you know that they’re wet more frequently, and you won’t have to prolong diaper changing in order to save money! 

4.  They have multiple uses

Once your diaper days are over, the cotton inserts that come with 2-part reusable diapers can be washed and used as incredibly effective cleaning cloths! Another win for the planet!

5.  They lead to earlier potty training

Babies that wear cloth diapers generally potty train at an earlier age than those who wear disposable diapers. Cloth diapers don’t give the same dry feeling as their disposable alternatives - children will learn the difference between wet and dry faster and that it’s linked to them doing a pee. 

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