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Bedwetting In General

What is bedwetting?

How often does it occur?

Bedwetting Alarms In General

How do bedwetting alarms work?

What is the success rate of bedwetting alarms?

From what age can I start using a bedwetting alarm?

Oopsie Heroes

Can Oopsie Heroes be used in combination with a diaper?

Where do I need to place the sensor?

Does the sensor use Bluetooth?

Does the sensor work under a blanket?

How can I clean the sensor?

How do I apply the sticker?

Is the sensor re-usable?

Where do I place the mobile device at night?

What device can I use the Oopsie Heroes app on?

Can I close/lock the mobile device during the night?

Wil my child be alerted by notifications from other apps whilst using the device?ce is in his/her room?

My child is a belly-sleeper, will the sensor then still work?

What Oopsie Heroes sensor version do I have?

Oopsie Heroes Warranty