5 ways introduce children to a new potty-training product - Bedwetting Alarm Oopsie Heroes

April 22, 2021

Though potty training only really requires a child and a potty, this alone can take a lotof getting used to.

Moving out of nappies and into big pants can be a scary time - they’re naked, expected to pee somewhere new, and not really that sure about what they’re supposed to be doing. When we practice patience, support, and understanding - no matter how stressful it gets (permission to scream into a pillow if necessary) - we can help our children to get the hang of this new stage in their lives with greater ease.

Whether you’re just getting started with potty training or looking to add a product like Oopsie Heroes into your potty-training routine, here are 5 simple ways to introduce children to a new toilet-related product. 

1.  Take them with you to buy it

There’s nothing like shopping for a new toy! And your new potty-training product can provide children with the same experience.

To get started, you might like to ask them to choose which colour they would like their potty to be as well as let them choose from a variety of pants.

When it comes to Oopsie Heroes bed-wetting alarms, why not explore the website with your little one in tow? It’s sure to make the whole experience more exciting and reduce any fear of the unknown.

2.  Demonstrate how to use it

Now this one might feel a bit weird, but children dolearn best through observation. This doesn’t mean that you have to use their potty (although totally an option…), but you could use the toilet and talk them through the process.

Why not put the potty opposite the toilet so that you can literally hold their hand through the process?! 

3.  Don’t push it 

If your child isn’t keen on using their new potty or having an Oopsie Heroes sticker applied to their pants at night, don’t push it. The best route of action here is to wait until they are ready. You can either gently suggest using the new potty-training product a couple of days later, or put the product in plain sight and wait for themto ask.

If you’re trying to encourage your child to use their Oopsie Heroes bedwetting monitor, be open to them using it during the day too! 

4.  Make it a part of your routine

Once your child is ready to use their new product, make it a part of your daily routine so that they know when to expect it and it soon feels like normal.

With the potty, you could make a habit of asking your child if they want to use it before and after every meal and snack. And if you’re using an Oopsie Heroes bedwetting monitor, remember to apply it at the same time every night - for example, an easy time would be after having a bath and before getting into pyjamas.

5.  Be patient 

As with anything new, it can take time for children to adapt. Try to be patient and avoid getting frustrated with your child. Although this can be really hard, it’s important to eliminate any negativity around potty training so that they don’t associate anything uncomfortable with the process. 

Have you been successful in potty training before? How did you introduce the new products into your child’s life?

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