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October 03, 2020

Autumn is here and it is the perfect time to be outside with your toddler. There are so many fun autumn outdoors activities to do this time of year there is no reason to sit inside quite yet. We are sharing our 15 favorite autumn activities to do outside with your toddler.

Jump in leaves

It is not autumn unless you rake leaves and then jump in them. This is one of those activities that your toddler will want to do over and over again. I love grabbing a rake their size so they can help me rake before we both jump into the leaf pile.

Wagon ride around the neighborhood

If you have a wagon, put your toddler in it and pull them around the neighborhood. Point out the signs of autumn which include the changing leaves and the leaves falling off the trees.

Outdoor scavenger hunt

Toddlers are the perfect age to introduce them to scavenger hunts. Grab one off Pinterest that is simple enough for toddlers and explore the outdoors together. The joy they will have as they find items on the list will make you want to do it again and again.

Pumpkin Patch

Autumn outdoors activities are not complete unless you visit the local pumpkin patch. Go on the hayride, wander around, and pick the perfect pumpkin to display on the front porch this autumn.

Petting zoo

Toddlers love animals. Find a local petting zoo for you to visit together. While there your toddler will get up close and personal with all kinds of farm animals. It will be an experience they will want to do year after year in the autumn months.

Puddle jump

In autumn there is sure to be a rainy day or two. So take advantage of them and go jump in the puddles. Your toddler’s face will light up as they stomp and splash in the puddles. Put your boots on and splash with them.

When you are done go inside and snuggle up with a nice cup of hot cocoa.

Go to the park

Now that it is not too hot outside, visit the park. Play on the swings and the slide. Pack a lunch to enjoy together. Make the park one of your go-to autumn outdoor activities each week.

Read books on the porch

Who said reading is just for inside? Take reading outside and sit on the porch, enjoy the crisp air, and a good story. If you have a grassy spot in the yard, lay down a blanket, and read stories together on the grass. 

Kick the ball

Toddlers love to be active. Grab a ball and kick it back and forth to one another. This not only will be fun for them but will also help increase their coordination.

Visit the farmers market

With so many different types of fruits and vegetables take your toddler to the local farmers market to explore. Let your toddler pick a new fruit or vegetable to take home and try.

This is especially great for picky toddlers because they are more apt to try something that they pick out.

Watch the sunset

With the sun setting earlier in autumn, it is the perfect time of year to let your toddler take in the incredible sunset views.

Talk about the colors they see and what they like about it. This helps your toddler stop and appreciate the natural beauties that surround us all the time.

Plant a garden

An autumn garden is fun to do with the kids. Go to the store and pick up plants and seeds for planting. Then let them help you plant, water, and then harvest the vegetables. Be sure to pick vegetables that can withstand the cooler autumn temperatures.

Sidewalk chalk

Sidewalk chalk is a great activity with toddlers. Let them draw different shapes, practice writing, and expressing their creativity with art on the sidewalk. The best thing about sidewalk chalk is that it washes away with each rainstorm.

Collect leaves

The cool autumn temperatures are sure to make the leaves fall from the trees. So take your toddler on a leaf hunt and collect leaves.
See how many different color leaves you can find as well as different types of leaves.

Arrange the leaves from smallest to biggest once you find them.

Paint pumpkins

Okay, do you love mini pumpkins as much as I do? Grab some from the pumpkin patch or the store and then spend the afternoon painting pumpkins outside.

Grab some paint, brushes, lay down some newspaper, and create together. Display their pumpkins in or out of the house.


There you have it! 15 fun outdoor autumn activities for toddlers that you can do together! What things do you like to do with your kids this time of year? Share in the comments!

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