10 Tips for Summer Potty Training Success - Bedwetting Alarm Oopsie Heroes

August 03, 2020

Potty training can be an exciting and challenging time for both your toddler and you. While there are a variety of methods you may subscribe to, there are also a lot of general tips that can add to the smoothness and overall success of your potty-training experience. Keep reading to find our 10 universal strategies on how to start toilet training on the right foot.

Tip #1: Make sure your child is ready to potty train. They are a lot of factors to consider, but you want your child to be physically, mentally, and emotionally ready for a transition.

Tip #2: Potty train in the summer, or at least in temperate weather, if possible. This is particularly helpful if you’re a fan of the 3-day method, which is a popular strategy for younger toddlers. When the baby goes around pant-less (and possibly damp), the warm glow of the sun will be your friend.

Tip #3: Choose the right time to begin.Look ahead in your schedule and plan to start potty training at a time that is free from other big changes. Trips, visitors, or even a new baby, could be upsets to your child’s regular routine that could sabotage your efforts.

Tip #4: Get your supplies ready. A training toilet or regular toilet insert are a must. Flushable wipes, plus books and novel toys are also great to have stashed in the bathroom.

Tip #5: Choose a reward system.Small candies, stickers, or just an awesome Potty Dance are all popular among parents. Fun foaming soap and a special hand towel just for your child can also be great motivators.

Tip #6: Be prepared for accidents.When they happen, do your best to stay calm. Then let your toddler know that pee or poop goes in the toilet, and that they can try again next time. Keep the tone positive and encouraging, and eventually it will click.

Tip #7: Use technology.There have been major advances in technology since we were toilet trained. Oopsie Heroes is a small sensor that your child wears that will alert you when they’ve had an accident. Real moms and dads sometimes get momentarily distracted, so getting an alert via the app can be super handy.

Tip #8: Stock up on some cleaner and paper towels.Storing some on each level of your home will keep you from running all over the house. It’s also recommended to have your child help clean up (as much as they reasonably can) each time an accident occurs.

Tip #9: Prepare yourself for an emotional toddler. Potty training is a huge step for kids, and the effort they put into learning this challenging skill can leave them zapped. Shower them with extra empathy and cuddles to help them make it through.

Tip #10: Don’t get discouraged.Every child is unique, and potty training is different for each of them. As long as your little one still shows an interest most of the time and isn’t outright refusing or showing signs that they really can’t control their bladders yet, it’s probably worth it to ride it out.

Starting the potty training process can feel intimidating, but following these tips will help bolster any approach you decide on and ultimately and help you and your toddler conquer this all important milestone in a positive way.



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