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The Oopsie Heroes bedwetting alarm

Product description

Temporary offer: buy 1 sensor, get 1 extra for free!

The small and comfortable Oopsie Heroes bedwetting sensor can be easily attached to any underwear or pyjama pants. As soon as a leak has been detected, it sends out a harmless audio signal to the app which will then awaken your child using an alarm which can be selected by yourself.

Within 6-12 weeks of using Oopsie Heroes, your child will be free from nighttime accidents and waking up dry!

The Oopsie Heroes bedwetting alarm sensor comes with a 7 Lenovo Tablet to install and use the awesome Oopsie Heroes app!

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- Small & comfortable
- Automatic logging of events
- Different alarm sounds
- Personalised Parent Voice Alarm (use voice of the parents as the alarm sound)
- Motivating and fun
- No Bluetooth signals
- Choose between a boy or a girl character

What's in the package?

- 2 Oopsie Heroes Bedwetting sensors (1+1 for free)
- 7 Lenovo Tablet
- 7 sheets of sensor stickers to attach the sensor
- Oopsie Heroes Manual
- Free access to the Oopsie Heroes App

Oopsie Heroes is now reimbursed by some health insurers. Please find more info here.

Online shipment

We ship our product all over the world using our partner FedEx. Even now with the current situation going on, we try to keep our customers happy and do our best to ship our products on time. Generally we ship our products to our customers within 1-3 working days. Outside the Netherlands we charge €30,- shipment costs.